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Below you will find a section on each of the elements of the Fast Track flyball box.  Each category explains why this box is lighter, longer lasting, easier to maintain, more dependable, and affordable. If you have any questions on the following items, please click on the email address at the bottom of the page.

Dimensions / Weight:

The box weighs a mere 35 lbs, it is 24" wide, 18" high, 26" deep (Frame). The base were the loader stands, extends 5 1/2" past the back of the box. The placement of the 2 holes is 12” on center, and accommodates all sizes and types of balls.


The frame is made of 3/4" cabinet-grade birch plywood.  This material was chosen for its high quality and dimensional stability.  It is assembled with screws, West System Epoxy and cabinet joinery making it comparable to a one piece frame.


The thrusters are constructed of heavy aircraft-grade aluminum, high-quality steel, oil-bronzed bushings and thick rubber bumpers which contribute to a much quieter and smoother thruster.  This is ideal for dogs who are noise sensitive.  Precision milling ensures accurate, consistent trajectory, and are fully adjustable for speed and distance. The thrusters have easy access for periodic maintenance.


The pedal matting is 1/2" Comfort King, known to shrink slightly in hotter climates, but is easier on the dogs' joints and more tear resistant.  The face plate matting is 3/8" Tuff Spun.

Shin Guard / Bottom Grip:

The shin guard is made of 2" memory foam and covered with fleece. This drastically changes the amount of impact your shins are going to experience throughout a tournament. It will make other box loaders jealous. The non-skid grip on the bottom of the box helps keep it in place.

To contact Dave directly, email him at dave@fasttrackflyballbox.com