F.A.M.E ( New Brunswick Canada )

We have 3 Fast Track flyball boxes and we are really happy with the quality of workmanship and the dependability of the boxes. Since starting to use these boxes we have broken our club record, and improved our dogs times. They are light and easy to move, if we need any replacement parts or mats, Dave is always helpful in getting what we need. He even helped tuning our box at a tournament so a 10 lb dog could spring it! Now that is customer service!

Pat Edmonds

#1 Irish Setter Nafa
#1 Mudi Nafa

Blue Ridge Blast (West Virginia)

We really enjoy our Fast Track boxes- the weight is fantastic and so easy on our box-loader's back- she can pick it up with one hand! The trajectory of the balls is nice and consistent- bobbles have been greatly reduced. I also noticed that our class dogs aren't bothered by noise from the box, the mechanisms are nice and quiet. I would recommend these boxes to any team!

Alena Tune

2 Fast Fur U (New York)

Our team decided we really needed a faster flyball box. We tried out
other boxes (at our sponsor's urging) and found it to be poorly constructed with cheap materials. We sent the box back without even trying it out! We promptly ordered a Fast Track Flyball box from Dave. The box is well constructed and thrusters are quiet too. Our dogs' turns improved almost immediately. I am impressed with the craftsmanship of the box and with the service that Dave offers!  We were so happy with the Fast Track Box that we ordered a 2nd one.  I'm sure his boxes will continue to gain popularity in the flyball world!

Kathy Allen, Captain

Prepare for Takeoff (NB)

Our team has been using the Fast Track Flyball box since May 2010.  In that time we have broken our team record three times over! We love how light weight the box is, it is the lightest box we have ever used, making it much easier to carry in and out of the ring. It is very easy to adjust the thrusters and we love how quickly, quite and smooth the ball comes out. It has done wonders for our dogs box turns. Not to mention the padding on the box for your legs. We have purchased a 2nd one and will be ordering another

Holly & Daniel Kirkpatrick

Boston Stragglers (MA)

We have used all of the most popular boxes over the years.  When a new member joined that had a Fast Track box the team tried it out. What sold me was the ease of moving it around.  We found it to be equally as responsive as our other boxes and hence the light weight, availability and price tag made it our box of choice and we purchased a second. Additionally, Dave is very responsive to address any maintenance questions and provide wearable parts (rubber etc) and advice. We’ve been thrilled with the boxes.

Kay McDonald

Happily Evfur After (PA)

We love our Fast Track box, and more importantly, so do the dogs! Even our 30" lab has a great turn on it. The box is very sturdy, but light enough that it's easy to haul around. Since it's so quiet, it's less stressful for sound-sensitive dogs to learn on and so far our tiny dogs have had no issues triggering it. Dave was great to work with, we just ordered a second box and can't wait to get it!

Dede Crough